This newly developed must cooler enables the achievement of an efficient and flexible cooling system configuration in autumn. Well water, tap water or process water from a cold water kit can be used as cooling sources. The must cooler is ideal for the rapid cooling of must after pressing, warm grapes or recooling red must.


  • Very high cooling effectiveness
  • Adapts perfectly to spatial conditions in a winery
  • Combines 2 functions: product conveyance and
    product cooling
  • Simple to handle and clean
  • Easy to transport and ideal for compact storage
  • Very cost-effective in comparison to plate and tube
    bundle heat exchangers
  • Also suitable for heating wine and must
  • Must inlet connection: NW65 Mt
  • Must outlet connection: NW65 Vt
  • Cooling water intake connection: 3/4“ IT
  • Cooling water discharge connection: 3/4“ ET