Fermentation Temperature Control System FOX

For 10 to 60 tanks, 19" rack system

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Fermentation Temperature Control System FOX


The FOX fermentation process control system combines reliable 19″ module technology with innovative control tech- nology, which reflects the latest research findings. Integration of two separate displays for simultaneous indication of target and actual values and visual display of the fermentation intensity are new elements which improve clarity and operability. The control cabinet can be linked to the office PC via the standard integrated bus system using a data cable (max. 1,200 m). Processes can be influenced, controlled and documented using the database-supported WMA software (Wine Maker’s Assistant).


  • Temperature range -9.9… 99.9 °C
  • LED display for target and actual value
  • LEDs for CO2 intensity, output status,
    operating mode, unit °C/ °F
  • 19“ module housing for 10/20/30/40/50 tanks
    (steel, plastic coated)
  • 2 relay outputs for heating + cooling, 20 VA each
  • Integrated bus system for PC connection
  • Unit ready for connection with integrated 24VAC power supply unit
  • Integrated relay (floating contacts) for cold and hot water pump
  • Integrated alarm relay (floating contacts) for alarm forwarding
  • Power supply from the mains grid, connected to 230 V/ 50 Hz
  • Protection rating: IP54 (resistant to water spray)