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WMA (“Wine Maker‘s assistant”) software


You can make a professional and centrally controllable system out of your individual tank controllers with this innova- tive software. It integrates all type FOX, CLIP and CUBE controllers. You can archive your data from the fermentation process with the database-supported solution, allowing you to comprehend later how your wines were created. A range of extremely useful additional functions facilitate working with the program considerably, e.g. the cellar ground plan, simple system configuration, group actions and much more.


  • Display functions: current temperature values and target values, status of outputs, alarm and error outputs
  • Visualisation: Graphic display of temperature values over time, graphic depiction of the fermentation graph and additional measurement values over time, freely editable cellar views, individual tank display
  • Documentation/Archiving/Analysis: Input of wine batch information
    (e.g. location, grape, intended quality level)
  • Input of process data (e.g. yeast type, yeast addition…)
  • Input of notes during the process (with time stamp)
  • Finalisation, recording, loading and display of finished batches