HYS HygroSens Pneumatic Humidification System

Avoid product loss through humidification

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HYS HygroSens Pneumatic Humidification System


The HYS HygroSens pneumatic humidification system was developed specifically for use in wooden barrel cellars and wine bottle stores. The system requires a water and compressed air connection and an actuator signal for the integrated solenoid valve. Domestic water pressure should be reduced to a pressure of 1… 2 bar using a pressure regulator, and water from the domestic water mains should be pre-filtered with a 5 micrometre filter prior to being fed in. Compressed air should be provided from a compressor (oil separator required) to operate the system. This compressed air should have a pre-pressure within the range of 3… 10 bar. A pressure regulator with a pressure gauge (0… 6 bar) is integrated in the humidification unit itself, and this can be used to set the humidification capacity, which is governed by the configuration pressure.


  • Micro-atomisation of drinking water without water treatment
  • Compact design – simple installation – self-installation
  • Modular system – easily expanded
  • Outputs configurable through nozzle selection
  • Humidifying output variable from 110 to 2,000 m3 room air
  • Suitable for ceiling and wall mounting (pivot through 90 °)
  • Humidity regulator fitted conventionally in unit or electronically (externally)
  • Dimensions: L x H x D=220 x 320 x 190 mm
  • Solenoid valve for compressed air 24 V 3-pole connecting cable with connector included in scope of delivery
  • Comprehensive installation accessories