FPH Mobile Heating Unit

Heating 9.0 – 24 kW

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FPH Mobile Heating Unit


It is frequently necessary to introduce heat in a targeted manner during beverage production processes. FPH series electric heating units provide you with adequate volumes of hot water. The water temperature can be preselected on the electronic temperature controller. The integrated stainless steel centrifugal pump ensures that consumers are supplied with a generously designed delivery head.


  • Operating voltage: 400/50 Hz (alternating current)
  • Open stainless steel tank with 80 litres capacity
  • Stainless steel centrifugal pump: 2.5m3/h@3.2bar
  • Control: Electronic for consistent media temperature
  • Safety: Water level monitor and overheating protection
  • Overpressure system: Bypass control
  • Mobile on casters
  • Integrated filter as pump protection
  • Dimensions: W x D x H=510 x 450 x 435mm
  • Weight: approx. 45 kg